TLC Academy

Become a complete professional Trader and Broker in 6 months

… and find your dream job with Trading Liberty Club

- Find out in advance which direction the main currencies are going

- Learn the Trading Strategy of the Big Players and the ability to interpret market trends by protecting yourself and your money - for a successful trading experience

- As you are learning this, you will also discover a strategy to immediately become a real pro in this area - with our investment plans and the Real Estate TLC Portfolio ... (even from scratch, as you will read below)

… And find your place in this great place of freedom (with us or wherever your will be).

TLC Robot - Forex Robot Performance

How the 6-month path can extraordinarily transform your life.

“The Stage is yours” is our motto. Trading totally changed the quality of our life. Managers, professionals and people who created Trading Liberty Club have a lot of experience and - as we can say - a successful life.

We have found the SECRET KEY to be successful with trading and professional coaching. At the same time we have asked ourselves how this might be shared with others. As an answer to this question, we have created:

  • For everyone: our global worldwide community, where you can enjoy and use our professional products, and talk directly with us, and with other members, wherever you are from;
  • For all those who want realize the life of their dreams: our ACADEMY, the structured way to give you the REAL OPPORTUNITY to become a professional trader and a successful broker. Give your best here to grow and to get your job from us! With the certainty for everyone, at the end of the path, to have learned enough to immediately start this work, independently or in one of the Top Companies who are constantly looking for such properly trained professional figure.
The Academy is not for everyone.

The TLC Academy is for all those with a strong desire and commitment, because we have no intention of doing what usually the forex marketers and bloggers do: Promising gigantic gains in 5 minutes.

Trading is something damn serious: It is a job - the most powerful and democratic job in the world. Especially, if you learn and apply it in order to create that machine of investments that unavoidably will change your life (and the life others coming to ask for your guidance).

In fact: The good thing is that today everyone can learn it and thereby change the course of her/his own life.

Our promise is to make you a professional trader in just 6 months.

That is not all. If you prove us your commitment and the quality of your performances, we offer you the extraordinary possibility to participate in our monthly "contests" - with an opportunity to become our TLC-Trader (TLCT) or to cooperate with us as a broker (TLCB) - reserved only for members of the Trading Liberty Club.

It is often the case that “the seekers” of Forex Trading give up by realizing that yes, the possibility of changing their entire lives really exists, but:

  • It seems that they have to study a lot;
  • Most of the banners and commercial online offers about Forex Trading are simply scam or dingy marketing constructions;
  • It is clear: The more money you have to invest, the more likely it becomes for you to organize a generous and independent income.

Well today with TLC you lose any reasons to ask yourself: But wait … how can I do it? Why me? - I have no money …

Just show us that you are a great student and a good performer. Money will be the least problem. Know (and you will learn this) that the world is full of funds with a lot of money - just waiting for a good trader who can manage it.

Our goal is that you become an excellent trader - an independent woman or man thankful to us :-) In just 30 weeks!