Our Dream - The Foundation

We are building a better world, with you...

First of all, Trading Liberty Club is a reserved club of members, who have decided to become part of our big international Family, because they share our ideals and our history.

By purchasing one or more of our products (live or online), you are automatically approved as a member of our Club and, consequently, participate in the activities of our Foundation, which is based in Wien (Austria).

Our Foundation is totally NO PROFIT, it is a sort of “tenth”: we put aside a substantial part of the gains resulting from our activities, for concrete projects of social promotion and to fight poverty, through the creation of a fairer economic model, and the investment of all our resources and our commitment where it is needed and required.

When you join our exclusive Club, you can see with your own eyes and participate personally in the activities of our Foundation, if you want it. Otherwise, you will in any case know that you have also contributed to the realization of its wonderful projects with a percentage of your purchase.

The TLC Foundation comes from the desire of our founders to put selfishness aside and to express gratitude for the gifts and the wellness received in Life through practical means, sharing the fruits of all monetary revenues, where there is more need, all over the world.

Everyone can participate to the activities of our Foundation in the world, as a private benefactor. Everyone who wants to do his part, with a donation or in any other possible way, please contact us by clicking on the link below

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